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Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace

Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace is a 2020 American drama film directed and written by Rob Diamond. The film was released on October 19, 2020 by Bridgestone Multimedia.


While being hospitalized for pneumonia, five-year-old Lucy Shimmers befriends a hardened criminal named Edgar, who is suffering from kidney failure.


  • Scarlett Diamond as Lucy Shimmers
  • Vincent Vargas as Edgar Ruiz
  • Shawn Stevens as Grandpa Jackson
  • Adam Hightower as James Shimmers
  • Florencia Stevens as Isabelle Shimmers
  • Tara Berrett as April Shimmers
  • April Dean West as Dr. Stanswick
  • Rachel Olvera as Nurse Angie
  • Madison Bills as Nurse Max
  • Aaron J. Owen as Luther

Critical Reception[] called the film "an inspiring, heart-wrenching tale that is sure to become a new Christmas classic."

John Farrell from wrote: "Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace is a movie that the whole family can enjoy during the holiday seasons or any time throughout the year. Just make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand."


ICVM Crown Awards (2020)

  • Best Evangelistic Film: Rob Diamond [Winner]

Utah Film Festival (2021)

  • Best Feature Director: Rob Diamond [Winner]
  • Music Score: Russ Whitelock [Winner]
  • Best Supporting Actor: Shawn Stevens [Winner]
  • Feature Film: Rob Diamond [Winner]
  • Actress Under 18: Scarlett Diamond [Nominated]