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Vanished Without a Trace

Vanished Without a Trace is a 1999 American television drama film directed by Douglas Barr.

The film aired on February 1, 1999 on the NBC network.


After Elizabeth Porterson (Shelley Long)'s 13-year-old daughter, Cathy (Julie Marie Berman) goes missing and is later found murdered, she embarks on a crusade to search for Cathy's killer.


  • Shelley Long as Elizabeth Porterson
  • William R. Moses as Jack Porterson
  • Julie Marie Berman as Cathy Porterson
  • Michael Seater as J.J. Porterson
  • Daniel Madger as Daniel Porterson
  • Jennifer Jostyn as Karen
  • Joshua Peace as Scott
  • Nigel Bennett as Davis
  • John Ralston as Neil Farley
  • Kristin Fairlie as Sarah


Filming for "Vanished Without a Trace" took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in August of 1998.

Critical Reception[]

Andy Webb of the Movie Scene called "Vanished Without a Trace" a "typical made for TV thriller which will appeal to those who enjoy the easy watching style of a TV movie."